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Robin is an artist when it comes to caring for our dogs. Both our Standard Poodle and our Carolina Dog love to visit her and come home looking like prize winners. She is always willing to adjust to our needs and the needs of our dogs. Each time we leave her shop we look at each other and say "What a blessing it is to have found Robin"

Karen & Palmer, "Cruiser" & "Dan"

We've never used anyone but Breeder's Choice for our dog. She's thoroughly inspected at each visit for any health issues as well as being groomed. She has caught ear infections on "Casper" long before we noticed a problem, when we took "Casper" to the vet; he verified he had a yeast infection. Robin is very meticulous over everything, along with babying "Casper". "Casper" is always excited to see her, even though he hates having his nails cut.

Lisa B. and "Casper", Bichon

"Bailey" loves to come for her day of beauty. We've stopped telling her about the appointment the day before, because she gets all worked up and ready to go just that moment and doesn't stop pestering us about coming to you until we pull up in the driveway. She's always been treated with love and care even during her paralysis and surgery. And to boot, she never wants to come home when it's time to pick her up. It's money and time well spent on our end knowing you and your staff love her as much as we do.

Barb S. and "Bailey", Newflander

Thank you so much for being such a great friend to "Pookie" and me. I have had "Pookie" for 14 years and she means the world to me. It is comforting to be able to drop her off at a place where I know she will be treated kindly and taken care of. I am not sure if you realize what your love for the pets means to your customers. You always do such a good job on "Pookie" and you let me know if you notice any problems. I know "Pookie" won't be with me forever and that breaks my heart. But I will have peace knowing that I gave her a good life and loved her a lot. You have been and will continue to be an important part of "Pookie's" life. Thank you for all you do.

Love Angela and "Pookie", Shih-tzu

I had never had any experience with a groomer until "Jack" came into my life in July of 2009. He was dirty, smelly, almost toothless and matted. The first time I brought "Jack" to Robin at Breeder's Choice, I didn't have high expectations at all. I just wanted him clean and smelling good. When I came to pick him up, I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought she had given me the wrong dog! He looked fantastic! She is so professional, and I can tell she really cares about her four-legged clients. I feel very thankful for Robin.

Carol S. and "Jack", Miniature Poodle Mix

Dear Robin: This message is from me, your devoted pal "Tomo":

You are ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS! You should know how much I appreciate the tender loving care you always give me when I come to you to be made handsome again! I just love visiting you because I get to see "Teddy" and run and play with him and you. You are always so gentle and loving with me and I feel safe and secure. I see how you treat all of us who come to your shop and every single one of us gets treated like a king or queen! Most of all when I'm with you I feel like I am your very own dog! Oh so much love !!! Nobody does it quite like you! Thank you, thank you! I love you Robin...

P.S. Mom and Dad approved what I wrote and they want you to know that every word is true. Mom and Dad also thank you and Mom holds a very special place in her heart for you too.

Julie S. & "Tomo", Akita

Robin has done a great job with our miniature schnauzer, "Otto", since he was a puppy. She takes time to look over Otto and make sure he is up to standard. Robin is the best at what she does and we will not take "Otto" to any other place. She is also very kind to our daughter, who leaves with a treat after each visit to "Ms. Robin's" Breeders Choice.

The McElcar's & "Otto", Schnauzer

Robin has taken excellent care of both dogs over the last several years and is the best groomer I have ever had the pleasure dealing with. "Harry" passed away almost a year ago, but she always took great care of him.

Dennis D., "Ruby" and "Red", Morkie and Minature Poodle

We really appreciate how great a job Robin does every time she grooms our girls. She always makes sure they look their best and she always is looking out for any signs of illnesses or health problems to bring to our attention. She cares so much for all of them. "Peppermint Patti" thanks her for making her hair cut look like she is not missing an ear. Thank you, Thank you !!!.

Jennifer S., "Baby Ruth", "Cookie", "Hannah" and "Peppermint Patty", Toy Poodle rescues

Robin, You have taken such wonderful care of my dogs over the past several years. I thank you for the extra care you have given them. You were the person I called when Ali was so sick. You don't know what a comfort you were to me. I know you truly care about Mikaela and Annabelle. My girls get compliments all the time about how beautiful and clean they are. That's is all thanks to you.

P.S. Thank you for always making us beautiful and getting us good and clean!!

Love Fran, "Mikaela" and "Annabelle", Shetland Sheepdogs

Without question, Sabene loves two people in this world - my husband Jim and Robin. Sabene's favorite place to go is Robin's. On Sabene's "spa day" I wait until I walk out of the door to get her leash. Otherwise, she'll follow me around the house in her springy gait and gives me a bark, as if I'm not moving fast enough for her. I have given up writing the check in the car after arriving at Robin's because Sabene's whining from the back seat is really obnoxious- that's the only time she ever whines. You can tell how Robin spoils her when you walk in the door and Sabene props her feet on the top of the half door to see where Robin is. Robin is a wonderful person. You know she's totally devoted to the health, wellbeing and grooming of each animal that comes into her shop.

Sabene is a standard poodle. It's been fun letting Robin decide on the clip. Sabene is always beautiful! When I took Sabene to the vet after one of her grooming appointments they complimented the grooming job - the care taken with clipping nails, teeth and yes those wretched glands. They were very impressed. I'm always impressed.

I hope everybody knows in addition to all the love and care Robin gives our pets, she takes time to do rescue work for the pets that have been mistreated and neglected.

ACTIONS do speak louder than words. Robin, we love you!

Lori S. & "Sabene", Standard Poodle

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