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Our Safety Practices

The latest mindset today seems to be a "cage free environment" in a grooming shop. The safety and well-being of your pet while in our care is a top priority for us here at Breeder's Choice. Our 25+ years of experience with animals has taught us using a "cage free environment" may not be as safe as some may want you to believe; here is the reasoning behind our opinion.

A pet can look totally healthy but can be carrying parasites that can be transferred from one animal to another. Additionally he or she could have been recently exposed to a virus but not actually have it, such as parvo, coronavirus, feline leukemia to name a few and may not be showing any symptoms. For this reason each pet is kept in a separate, disinfected cage, where they are not exposed to any fecal material or saliva from other pets.

When a pet is not in their normal home environment, you never know how they will react when approached by a strange, unknown pet, even if the other pet is trying to play. Some pets can be territorial or aggressive toward other animals and this opens up an opportunity for your pet to be possibly bitten or injured by another pet if they are left in a "cage free environment."

How pets act while in their normal home environment may not necessarily reflect the way that they will react while they are in an environment that is unfamiliar to them. We tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to the health and safety of your pets while they are in our care. So to prevent any parasites or injuries we prefer to use cages during the course of their grooming for their protection.

We use the latest technology with the clipper vac system. The clipper vac system keeps a constant airflow over the blades and keeps blades cool, removes hair, dander and parasites the moment the blade clips the coat. Your pet will never experience hot blades on his body; this reduces the chance of clipper burn.

Our facility is air conditioned and heated year round. Too many pets die each year due to heat exhaustion. Our pet dryers only heat 10 degrees above room temperature for the safety of your pet.

For our geriatric pets, our bathing tub has a walk up ramp, with room for one assistant on each side to assist your pet. My grooming table drops all the way to the floor, your pet will only have to step on to the table, then the table is elevated. In addition, we have slings for the hips to assist with their balance.

For outdoor potty trips we have covered runs so your pet doesn't get wet on those rainy days and each run is equipped with fans to circulate the air on those hot summer days. Each run is cleaned and disinfected after every use.

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